Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Yannie Awards - Celebrating The Unsung Heroes of Hollywood

Arthur Bernard Yanniviclovacistienberg was born into poverty in the old country. His parents, who were older than him, remember when it was the young country and his Uncle remembered when it was the awkward teenage country. Life was hard for Arthur, he and his family once owned a carrot which they cut small pieces from for their weekly meal for three years, because of this other children bullied him for being posh. Arthur's dad Bernard Bernard Yanniviclovacisteinberg had dreams of escaping to a new life in America and one day took it upon himself to do something about it. He spent the next two months fashioning a shovel from Grandma's wooden leg and on September of 1889, the family packed up the rest of their carrot and started to dig their way to America.

They arrived in Los Angeles it was 26th February 1930. The date happened to be Grandma's 176th birthday so the family gave her a very special present to mark their arrival in their new home, her old leg back. The shovel leg was worn down to a nubbin and Grandma walked with a pronounced limp for the rest of her life, which was roughly another three hours. The end of their tunnel came up in the back garden of Shirley Temple's house. The young girl saw what she thought were giant moles coming out of her lawn and danced on their heads with her tap shoes on. A passing movie producer saw the commotion and instantly recognised a huge talent, and a star was born! Arthur was hired for a starring role in "Attack of the Killer Molemen."

Arthur was suddenly in high demand in Hollywood. Realising that his name was too long to fit on the front of most theatre marquees he decided to change it for the betterment of his career. His stage name Veronica Yanniviclovacistienberg was soon on everybodies lips, and his lips were soon on everybody elses. However it was his new stateside friends that had taken to calling him Yannie. He worked steadily for the next 30 years and pioneered many aspects of movie making, that are now taken for granted, through many iconic roles. All this and at the same time never being recognised for his efforts.

It was Arthur laid the way for modern stunt work when he played an in intigral role in Laurel and Hardy's "The Music Box". His part as the piano helped win the picture an Oscar, although hurling himself down the long flight of stairs over and over again left him with a life threatening broken left eyelid.

Arthur was also to lead the way for the popular "method" style of acting. When preparing for his role in the 1940 movie "The Great Dictator" as Charlie Chaplin's mustache he spent months hanging himself from the noses of passing strangers, never coming out of character until a violent sneeze shook him free.

 Arthur often took roles behind the camera, it is a little known fact that it was his genius that saw him single handed choreograph all the non dancing elements for "Singin' in the Rain". In one particular scene Donald O'Connor was required to walk from one end of the set to the other, but the star was forbidden to perform the sequence because of insurance restrictions. Arthur was used as a stand in and his performance is considered to have set the standard in filmed perambulation. In the following scene every move made that isn't a dance move was composed in minute detail by Arthur. Please take paticular note how during the scene the diction coach is sitting down for a a great deal of the routine. Arthur spent weeks putting together the posture required for actor Bobby Robson's performance, which took Bobby a staggering 87 takes to perfect such was the required detail.

Arthur's career finally came to a tragic end in 1959 when, during the filming of the classic chariot racing scene in Ben Hur, he was crushed to death. Charlton Heston sat on him whilst he was bending down to tie up his sandals.

Arthur Veronica "Yannie" Yanniviclovacistienberg has so many amazing credits to his long movie career and yet his name is unknown to all but the most avid motion picture historian. All of his accomplishments that still resonate in modern motion picture production today and yet he did not receive a single award.

Blog Paper is proud to bring to you The Yannie Award, named after this great pioneer. The award will presented to those involved in the production of any motion picture in the year previous that has otherwise gone unrecognised by any of the other major award ceremony. So, sit back, relax and enjoy all the glitz and glamor of the very first Yannie Awards and remember it would not have been possible had it not been for the lost golden era great that was Arthur Yanniviclovacistienberg.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Introducing Blog Paper's Yannie Movie Awards - Take that the Oscars!!

It's awards time ladies and gentleman. In just a few days time the winners at the Oscars will be announced and we get watch a bunch of celebs in sparkly outfits accept their awards in floods of tears while other actors put in bids for best actor next year by pretending they do care that they didn't win again.

We are all aware that the Oscars, BAFTAS and many award ceremonies like them only ever celebrate movies of great artistic integrity, and there is nothing wrong with that. The Razzies celebrate movies with no artistic integrity what so ever, and even this has it's place. So where is the middle ground? Where is the award for the box office hits, or misses that we all just plain enjoyed because they offered escapism to the nth degree and probably involved explosiions and a bit of fruity language. There are so many films and great performances in them that will get over looked just because they weren't made in a manor house and had characters with apostophes in their names like D'arcy and T'revor.

So I aim to put that right. Here's a little video, featuring a handsome devil, to explain all about Blog Paper's new award - The Yannie.

So there we go, Sunday 26th February is going to be a star studded night filled with movie stars, directors, glitz and glamour. That's the Oscars for you, The Yannies may not be as fancy but it will be fun and will have way more jokes about flatulence and boogers.