Thursday, 23 February 2017

Introducing Blog Paper's Yannie Movie Awards - Take that the Oscars!!

It's awards time ladies and gentleman. In just a few days time the winners at the Oscars will be announced and we get watch a bunch of celebs in sparkly outfits accept their awards in floods of tears while other actors put in bids for best actor next year by pretending they do care that they didn't win again.

We are all aware that the Oscars, BAFTAS and many award ceremonies like them only ever celebrate movies of great artistic integrity, and there is nothing wrong with that. The Razzies celebrate movies with no artistic integrity what so ever, and even this has it's place. So where is the middle ground? Where is the award for the box office hits, or misses that we all just plain enjoyed because they offered escapism to the nth degree and probably involved explosiions and a bit of fruity language. There are so many films and great performances in them that will get over looked just because they weren't made in a manor house and had characters with apostophes in their names like D'arcy and T'revor.

So I aim to put that right. Here's a little video, featuring a handsome devil, to explain all about Blog Paper's new award - The Yannie.

So there we go, Sunday 26th February is going to be a star studded night filled with movie stars, directors, glitz and glamour. That's the Oscars for you, The Yannies may not be as fancy but it will be fun and will have way more jokes about flatulence and boogers.