Monday, 24 April 2017

An Ode to Goulies - A Horrific Blog Paper Poem

Over the few months I have been writing this little blog I have tried to cover a few different topics all loosely based around my love of pop culture. I do this to try and appeal to a broad audience. When I look at the site statistics it turns out most my readers are dedicated horror nuts and all I need write about is people being beheaded by psychotic zombie alien rabbits from hell.

I don't know how this happened, it was not by design. However, in a blatant effort to appeal to these enthusiasts of all things gory and to get my numbers up I have written a ditty in tribute to these lovely(?!) people.

Blood and guts
And Gore and Goo
Chopping off a limb
Or two

Girls in forests
Boys in bed
One quick slice
Chops off his head

Monsters that will
Scare you Stiff
And chase you off
A great big cliff

Splat you go
Run through the middle
Ghosts go boo
And make you piddle

A old cabin
In the wood
Don't read the book
Or you're possessed for good

Don't explore
The creepy fruit cellar
Or a soul will be eaten
By an under floor dweller

Don't pick up
That ringing phone
Cos the masked looney
Will know you are alone

He comes at you
With a dirty big knife
You protect yourself
Behind your lovely wife

Kill him dead
But all things equal
Ticket sales are up
So he'll be back for a sequel